Client testimonials

"Skip the sales pitch, and listen to what our customers say"

Jessie Avestro,

After twenty two years working for government agency, I decided to retire and to start my own business. With new challenges and with no business experience, I have to rely on outside help particularly in the field of Accounting, payroll and all related tax requirements. As I reached out for help by local CPA companies, I felt that they are more interested in getting my business and their office assistant will do the work. Finally, a friend of mine referred me to Marwan at Colonial Financial. After a brief interview with Marwan, I convinced that I found the ideal person to help me running my own operations. Since December of 1998, Marwan has been doing an excellent job in taking care of the accounting and payroll processing with all related tax filings. Not only he is a go getter, but also he takes time to explain all and each line item on both balance sheet and the Profit and Loss statements. As a businessman and a very satisfied customer, I will not hesitate to recommend and/or refer Marwan to any business owner in San Diego not only for the supports and personal attention but also for the experience and work ethics.

Hanmi Auto Center, Miramar, CA

Robert & Vickie Naccarato,

"Thank goodness you called The Pressroom and we answered the phone! Not only did we become your printer company but also you became our accountant, factoring company and also most importantly our "dear friend".

The Pressroom, Vista, CA

Maryam Sulaiman,

"When the bank won't loan, the cash is running dry, and the customers orders yet to be fulfilled, you feel this is the end of the struggle"... Turning my invoices into instant cash, It was a big financial relief. You have reached out and helped us tremendously!, Marwan, I will never forget you!.

Maryam's Sambussa Factory, La Mesa, CA