Accounts Receivable Factoring

Why wait 30, 60, 90 days?

• Get Cash NOW!

• Bank Won’t Loan?

• Just started your business?


Colonial Financial factoring services help you manage your business efficiently and cost effectively

It is very simple, and here is how:

  • We buy your invoice for CASH after you ship your product.
  • We can deliver a check to you the same day you deliver the invoice to your customer.
  • We accept small and large accounts as long as you are selling to reputable companies.
  • You decide which invoice to sell and how much CASH you need
  • Good credit is NOT required since we are buying your invoice & not lending you money.
  • We will buy your invoice even if you have just opened your business
  • We "discreetly" assist you in the collection process, if requested.
  • We provide timely and comprehensive aging and detailed reports on factored invoices
  • Only few papers are required to sign and can be completed within 20 minutes.

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